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Coffee & Ice Cream Are Therapy!

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Fresh n' Amazing

We feature options to fit any need: espresso drinks, custom house brews , loose leaf teas, chai lattes and energy drinks

Our Signature Drinks


A mocha with white chocolate, caramel and peanut butter

Warm and Fuzzy

A latte with carmal, pecan and vanilla with a sprinkle of cinnamon/sugar


A latte with maple and brown sugar with a little maple drizzle


A tea latte with Earl Grey, vanilla, lavender and coconut


A latte with local Akron Honey and almond

Simple Pleasures​

A latte with caramel and vanilla – simple and oh so cozy

All above drinks are available hot or iced

Drinks & Baked Goods

Aroma Therapy

Alternative Therapy

Baked Therapy


Premium and Super Premium

We serve the best, luscious flavors of ice cream choices available, including numerous non-dairy options.

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Ice Cream Menu Items

Therapy Coffee original
Original Ice Cream
Therapy Coffee sundae
Therapy Coffee banana float
Banana Split
Therapy Coffee milkshake
Milkshakes & Malts
Therapy Coffee floats
Floats & Sodas
Therapy Coffee affogato
Therapy Coffee puppy bowls
Puppy Bowls

Our Daily Flavors

Therapy Coffee Blueberry Cheesecake 1 1
Blueberry Cheese Cake
Therapy Coffee Butter Pecan 1
Butter Pecan
Therapy Coffee cookies and cream
Cookies and Cream
Therapy Coffee cool mint
Cool Mint Cookie
Therapy Coffee Cotton Candy Twist 1
Cotton Candy
Therapy Coffee MunchieMadness 0 1
Munchie Madness
Therapy Coffee peanut butter overdose
Peanut Butter Overdose
Therapy Coffee Strawberry 1
Therapy Coffee Superman 1
Therapy Coffee This @ Just Got Serious 1
This !@#% Just Got Serious
Therapy Coffee Vanilla Bean 1
Vanilla Bean
Therapy Coffee Yippee Skippee
Yippee Skippee
Therapy Coffee Zanzibar Chocolate
Zanzibar Chocolate


[hue-gah] noun

Pronounced “hoo-ga,” this Danish concept cannot be translated to one single word but encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life. An atmosphere and an experience, rather than about things. Being with the people we love…a feeling of home. We are safe…shielded from the world…where we can let our guard down. A place to have an endless conversation about the big or little things in life. Maybe just being comfortable in each other’s silent company. To be by yourself enjoying a cup of tea or coffee

MAYBE an ice cream??

What Our Customers Say

Campbell Soup
Campbell Soup
Amazing atmosphere and delicious goodies
Shandna Burroughs
Shandna Burroughs
A great place to get ice cream and a pick-me-up.
David Ewart
David Ewart
Tonight was our first night here. Service was BEYOND excellent. Amazing staff, great environment!!! Definitely will be returning!!!!
Sarah Hegenderfer (SkeetBeep)
Sarah Hegenderfer (SkeetBeep)
Worker was by herself, but did an amazing job! She was friendly and very efficient. Coffee was delicious, and the bagel and ice cream. Really nice and cozy atmosphere. Worth the spend! Not too expensive as well.
S Long
S Long
This place and this owner are awesome! Pam went out of her way, SEVERAL times, to do a good deed for one of her best patrons. I ordered a gift card for a family member in Ohio from NJ and wow, the level of customer service and caring from this place is above & beyond. I hear nothing but high praise for their ice cream and treats, even for those with food sensitivities. I will recommend this place again and again! Totally worthy of your business. Thank you Pam!!!!!! Support this small, local business!
hithem judeh
hithem judeh
Highly recommend this place great atmosphere excellent coffee. The owners were amazing!! Looking forward to trying next time we come Especially the Superman lol
Wendy Levert
Wendy Levert
Friendly staff, great coffee and ice cream
Theresa Doyle
Theresa Doyle
The ice cream was amazing! I got peanut butter overdose. It wasn’t overly sweet which I appreciated.
lauren nguyen
lauren nguyen
Absolutely love this place! It was our first time visiting– we were just looking for a cute cafe to study at and stumbled in to an unassuming ice cream shop. The interior is so cozy, every part of the store feels comforting and we had ample room to sit and study. The best part, however, was the service. The employees were so genuine and kind, and the owner made us all feel very welcomed and cared for. It’s our first visit and we already feel at home, definitely check this place out!
R.J. Calale
R.J. Calale
Fantastic selection of flavors! Super friendly owners! You can see they love what they do. Lovely interior to enjoy your ice cream treat! A great place to go I highly recommend! My favorite place for ice cream.